My new online training course and DVD, “Pro Tools 8: Mixing and Mastering,” is now available at This course puts a fresh spin on learning how to mix, going beyond the tired tips and tricks everyone has already heard a thousand times, by walking you through both the technical and creative aspects of crafting a mix, step by step from start to finish.

Pro Tools 8 Mixing and Mastering DVDOnce recording and editing are finished, audio engineers can take advantage of the training in Pro Tools 8: Mixing and Mastering to punch up the final output. Digidesign Certified Expert Brian White covers all the basic mixing tools that every producer and engineer should know, from using EQ to add clarity and focus to using compression and limiting to maximize track levels within a mix. Brian stresses the importance of setting up a solid mixing plan prior to any work in Pro Tools, and gives advice on the best plug-ins for each stage of the process. Exercise files accompany the course.

I am really excited about this course, as it is my first title for, and I think it turned out exceptionally well. Even if you consider yourself an intermediate/advanced mixer, I’m sure there are at least a few gems that will make it worth your while. Again, here is the link