So I use quite a few “wrapped” RTAS plug-ins, meaning that the plug-in was designed for VST and hacked (via FXpansion’s VST-RTAS wrapper utility) to work as RTAS in Pro Tools. For example, all of the UAD stuff shows up as wrapped plug-ins in my inserts menu. This isn’t a big deal, as with most VST plug-ins the wrapper utility works flawlessly, but no matter which plug-in you end up using, it hides itself in the “Wrapped Plug-ins” sub-menu of your inserts menu. I have talked to Avid (Digidesign) about this and unfortunately, as long as they are “wrapped” VST plug-ins there is no way to get them into their correct categories (e.g. EQ, Dynamics, etc), aside from possibly hacking the plug-in .dpm file (I’ve looked into this. Without some sort of hint as to how the category identifier is determined/stored, I can’t see anything obvious when I pull up the files in a hex editor). While there is currently no easy way to get the wrapped plug-ins into their correct catagories, there is an easy workaround of sorts that will get you to your favorite plug-ins quickly.

Default EQ and Dynamics:

The first thing you want to do is set up your mixer’s default EQ and Dynamics plug-ins, these will show up at the highest level of the insert selection menu so put your “go to” EQ and compressor plug-ins in these two slots. To set the default EQ/Dynamics choose Setup > Preferences > Mixing Tab.

default plug-in

default plug-in 2

Plug-in Favorites:

The default EQ and Dynamics option only allows you to save one favorite within the EQ and Dynamics sub-menu, which blows if you want use a wrapped plug-in as your favorite EQ or compressor. In this case, you can save a plug-in as a “favorite” and it will show up at the top of the plug-ins list (within the plug-in type sub-menu on stereo tracks, e.g. TDM/RTAS or multi-channel/multi-mono).

To save a plug-in as a favorite: Hold Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) while selecting a plug-in from the inserts menu. The plug-in will not be inserted but will be stored as a favorite. Remember, you must hold Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) before clicking on the track’s insert selector.

To remove a plug-in favorite: Repeat the steps above, hold Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) and re-select the plug-in stored as a favorite from the insert selector menu.

plug-in favorites

You can have as many favorites as you’d like however keeping this list small will ultimately save you more time.