Pro Tools 8: Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio

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Course Description:

Fully integrated elastic audio was introduced in Pro Tools version 7.4 and gave editors the time-saving advantage of being able to change an audio file’s tempo or timing in real time without the need to render the audio. In Pro Tools 8: Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio, author Brian White shows how to adjust tempo, change pitch, and quantize audio tracks with elastic audio. This course covers auto-conforming audio loops and regions to a session’s tempo, enabling elastic audio on tracks, and using the five elastic audio plug-ins to extract as much fidelity as possible from the source material. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics Include:

Enabling elastic audio
Selecting an elastic audio plug-in
Analyzing regions with elastic audio
Manually adjusting timing with Warp Markers
Transposing pitch
Quantizing audio
Locking bass to kick drum
Warping vocals
Adjusting elastic audio settings

Duration: 1.75 Hours