Antares announces auto-tune 7:

Oh snap…this looks cool. Auto-tune is getting into Melodyne territory with new time editing capabilities. Pro Tip: crappy vocal tracks aren’t purely due to poor intonation. Timing and phrasing is critical, along with tone and delivery. I have always liked auto-tune for the way it deals with pitch graphs but would need to rely on elastic audio or melodyne for time correction. This could be a real time saver.  Although contrary to popular belief, one can’t fix everything in post, and no “they can’t make anyone a vocal star with magical computers these days.” Improvements to timing and intonation is possible with the proper tools (in most scenarios), but a lackluster performance is generally DOA. As in, you can’t fake the funk when it comes to nailing a performance that really “sells” the lyric, auto-tuned or otherwise.