I just launched a new course over @ lynda.com called Mixing a Rock Song in Pro Tools. It is an advanced course that essentially showcases me mixing a song inside of pro tools from start to finish and narrating the entire process all in real time, so what you see/hear is what I see and hear during the process. To facilitate this “seat of the pants,” real-time mixing narrative, I decided to mix on headphones so the dialog would come out clearly, we thought about doing it on speakers and then me narrating over the top of the video after the fact, but ultimately decided that would kill some of the visceral energy of discussing the mix in real-time. This let’s us work through mix problems, make creative decisions, listen, and tweak together side-by-side and I think it really captures the authentic feel of a mix session and the train of thought that goes into mixing.

While most tutorials focus on specific techniques or treatments in isolation, the goal here is to look at a set of skills and techniques that compliment the specific song as a whole, rather than run through an endless laundry list of specific techniques or tricks out of context that may or may not benefit the mix. I find that too often, “learning how to mix” gets distilled down into this list of techniques and tricks you collect, without neccissarily learning how to tie all those elements together into a coherent strategy. Sort of like a guitar player trying to learn ever scale and chord ever known to man, but not really learning how to put them together into a song or into the appropriate context. So with that said, will this course teach you everything about mixing every song, or even every rock song? Absolutely not, that is not the goal. What I hope it does is start to think about the big picture and how all the techniques, tips and tricks tie together and ultimately¬†inspire you to find your own voice as an artist and mixer.

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/mixrock