I have a new course up over at Lynda.com! Producing Music for Advertisements is a workflow oriented course with tons of insight into the entire commercial composition process, from understanding a creative brief and “what the client really wants,” to delivering finished assets and knowing your publishing and licensing rights as a composer. Hope you enjoy it!

Check it out here.

Here is the course description:

Help your client achieve the music that matches the vision for their brand. This real-world project course shows how to assess an assignment, break down a creative brief, and decipher client expectations to create a compelling musical score for advertisements. Producer Brian Lee White shows you how to shape a score around picture and create a memorable theme for the client’s brand. You’ll also learn how to address the revision cycle with a client, adopting smart strategies to deliver excellent work on time and on budget. When you’re ready to deliver the music track, learn how to print the final assets for delivery. Finally, Brian helps you understand the importance of a scope of work agreement and various licensing and publishing rights you may be entitled to as a composer.