May 2010

Big in Japan!

Sway Penala’s “My Story” is currently #1 on the Japanese iTunes charts. The album hits stores stateside this Tuesday, May 18th. Roland and I produced six of the fifteen songs including the single “Lovely Lady,” and I mixed eight tunes on the record.…

So I’m not sure how I missed these (probably because I am off in Pro Tools land and forget to check out all the amazing developments happening in the VST and AU plug-in world) but I just recently checked out the plug-ins from Stillwell Audio and they are so beyond legit.…

Use this link here to get a free 24 hour pass to check out the lynda.com training library. Free 24 hour pass to lynda.com.


May 2010

This is hot

Bay area artist Ricky Reed of Wallpaper remixing Donwill featuring the Park. …

So I’m lurking around on one of the more notorious audio message boards (you know the one, rhymes with “deer butts”) and I am checking out some of the buzz over an unreleased plug-in currently in development  (I wont mention the plug-ins name because I have no gripe with the developers and actually think it could be an interesting piece of software).…

Want to sound like T-pain? Don’t want to sound like T-Pain? Eitherway check out my new course in the Lynda.com OTL on Autotune.

Drums out of time? Sound like crap? You need Pro Tools 8: Editing Drums with beat Detective and SoundReplacer, just out today.

Pro Tools 8: Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio

Check it out here!

Course Description:

Fully integrated elastic audio was introduced in Pro Tools version 7.4 and gave editors the time-saving advantage of being able to change an audio file’s tempo or timing in real time without the need to render the audio.…