Three new titles, next three weeks. First one goes live on or around Wednesday this week. Elastic Audio, Auto Tune, and Drum Editing w/ Beat Detective and Sound Replacer.



My friend Brian Trifon of the electronic group Trifonic is posting free video tutorials of all his best DAW tricks. You should definitely check them out: Next Step Audio.


Jan 2010

Happy New Year!

Latest News: I’ve got three new training titles in the pipeline for first quarter 2010, all are focussed on intermediate to advance Pro Tools editing techniques. Also, lots of exciting mixing projects booked for early 2010, stay tuned.…

Just did a write up on the new Waves’ Vocal Rider plug-in for, check it out.

UA LogoMy two part article on using the UAD2 system with Pro Tools has been republished in the latest edition of Universal Audio’s webzine. You can read it here.…

Learning Synthesis with Vacuum

Now that Pro Tools ships with a great sounding, simple to program synthesizer plug-in, users have a wonderful way to dive into the world of subtractive synthesis. Part of the new AIR Creative Collection, Vacuum is a two-oscillator tube modeled analog synthesizer perfect for getting your feet wet in synth programming.

This is an excerpt from my column “The Pro Tools Corner” at

Metering with DigiRack PhaseScope

SignalTools provides a set of useful metering utilities in both TDM and RTAS formats, and come automatically installed as part of the free DigiRack plug-ins that ship with all Pro Tools systems.

Mixing on AIR part 4: BF76

While not technically part of the new AIR collection of plug-ins, the Bomb Factory BF76 compressor does come included with every Pro Tools installation and is the only ‘vintage’ style dynamics processor that ships with the standard configuration.

Nathanial Kunkel’s column “In Session” on the back page of Electronic Musician is ALWAYS spot on, but I thought this month’s was particularly excellent. It discusses the importance of IT know how in audio production. I have been saying the same thing for years, if you’re afraid of computers this probably isn’t the industry for you, but he sums up everything quite beautifully in a few paragraphs.…

Parallel Compression

Just because you failed high school trigonometry doesn’t mean you can’t use and profit from parallel compression in your mixes. Parallel or “upwards” compression is simply the process of combining an un-compressed signal with a compressed-one and blending to taste.…