Learning Synthesis with Vacuum

Now that Pro Tools ships with a great sounding, simple to program synthesizer plug-in, users have a wonderful way to dive into the world of subtractive synthesis. Part of the new AIR Creative Collection, Vacuum is a two-oscillator tube modeled analog synthesizer perfect for getting your feet wet in synth programming.

This is an excerpt from my column “The Pro Tools Corner” at audioMIDI.com

Metering with DigiRack PhaseScope

SignalTools provides a set of useful metering utilities in both TDM and RTAS formats, and come automatically installed as part of the free DigiRack plug-ins that ship with all Pro Tools systems.

Mixing on AIR part 4: BF76

While not technically part of the new AIR collection of plug-ins, the Bomb Factory BF76 compressor does come included with every Pro Tools installation and is the only ‘vintage’ style dynamics processor that ships with the standard configuration.

Comping with Playlists in Pro Tools 8
On top of all the fancy new UI enhancements and fantastic sounding Virtual Instruments, Pro Tools 8 has made significant improvements to many of my everyday workflows. Playlists have always been a great way to keep track of alternate takes in Pro Tools, allowing you to easily craft the perfect composite performance or “comp” by piecing together different takes.


Oct 2009

The MIDI Editor

This is an excerpt from my column “The Pro Tools Corner” at audioMIDI.com

Pro Tools 8: MIDI Editor

The MIDI editor in Pro Tools 8 is one new feature that has certainly been turning heads, especially those of other “sequencer heavy” DAWs.

Pro Tools Automation Part 2:

In the last installment of the Pro Tools corner, I walked you through some basic automation techniques in Pro Tools. Picking up where we left off, this week I will show you a few more ways you can manipulate automation in Pro Tools, including graphic editing and the automation of plug-in parameters.

The following is an excerpt from my column “The Pro Tools Corner” at audioMIDI.com. It was written for Pro Tools 7 but basic automation workflows havn’t change.

Pro Tools Automation 101

One of the most useful feature sets found in nearly all of today’s DAWs is automation.

Score! Working with the Score Editor in Pro Tools 8

By far one of Pro Tools 8’s most anticipated new features was the score editor, finally providing users a built-in notation package without having to export MIDI data into Sibelius. The Pro Tools 8 score editor introduces basic notation based editing and printing functionality and is surprisingly easy to use once you get the hang of it.

This article was written back when 7.4 came out (introducing elastic audio), but is still equally relevant in Pro Tools 8 as these features haven’t changed much.

Elastic Audio Part 2:

In the last installment of the Pro Tools corner we took a first look at 7.4’s incredible new elastic audio feature.